The history of Travertini Paradiso dates back to the beginning of 1900. The company has been at the forefront of developments in natural stone processing and new technologies, constantly evolving along the way and always putting the importance of quality at first. It is a history of over a century of experience of a family’s passion for its territory and its strong bond to Travertine, where the most extraordinary things are the simplicity and the beauty of nature. It is here that for the past three generations the Dei Family has been producing architectural projects and products of any importance and prestige exported around the world.
Camilla Dei is running the Company, she has inherited the passion for stone from her father Glauco, the creative engineer that dedicated his life to bringing to light the competence and experience of more than 100 years of know-how.
Travertini Paradiso, is today the industry leader in the field of Travertine quarrying and processing. The team of workers is made of specialized technicians, designers and experienced craftsmen. People are the most precious value.



The most astonishing Travertine colors are worldwide exclusive as the company has sole access to quarries of property. At Travertini Paradiso we offer the finest travertine creations, in multiple exclusive colors and finishes.
Travertini Paradiso concentrates on large scale projects always updating and expanding production with the most sophisticated technology while improving the environment of the extensive areas of the quarries.


Camilla Dei managed to follow the design trends and focuses in creating luxury Made in Italy products by making big investments in innovative production processes and in achieving new exclusive materials. Therefore the combination of exclusive materials, a complete control of the production chain and an extensive experience and know-how, allow her to offer customized, deluxe and precious products.

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